CNR-ISMAR network


HF Radar operating network


CNR-ISMAR HF Radar Network has been deployed along the coast of Eastern Liguria, near to La Spezia and Cinque Terre, between June and August 2016. At the moment it is composed by two HF radar stations operating in the frequency band of 25MHz. Sites are shown in the picture below.


posizione antenne


Acquisition settings


The HF Radar network has been designed and implemented by CNR-ISMAR of La Spezia. The network is maintained also thanks to Jerico-Next and RITMARE projects. Deployment was possible also thanks to the Italian Navy - Comando Marittimo Nord, and to the Municipality of Monterosso al Mare.





Pictures of the HF radar antennas deployed in Liguria region. From left: Monterosso al Mare; Tino island.




processing diagram